Academic Testing

For years, school associations and homeschool groups that administer academic testing have contemplated moving the competition process to an online format. As the number of students participating in these testing competitions has increased each year, the use of paper tests has become inefficient. After surveying and interviewing many schools, state associations, and homeschool groups, TestPoint™ developers realized the need for an online academic competition.

TestPoint™ Academic Testing Competition Program questions are taken from the curriculum publishers that most Christian and private schools use. While the tests are designed to be completed on PCs or Macs in a computer lab, if a school can maintain secure testing procedures, students may test on mobile devices such as iPads.

This testing method reduces administrative costs associated with testing registration, test sorting, postage costs of mailing materials, grading, tiebreakers, etc. This type of testing is much more convenient, and if marketed correctly by sponsoring associations and schools, will display excellence to parents who are excited about the use of technology in this scenario.

  • Online registration, payment, testing, tiebreakers, and results
  • Three testing divisions: Elementary (3-6), Junior High (7-8), and Senior High (9-12)
  • Flexible testing window and per-test fee ($5 minimum)
  • Ties broken automatically online
  • Instantaneous results for the sponsoring organization
  • Sortable results by school, test category, 1st-3rd ranking, and all-students’ scores
  • Demos available upon request