Achievement Testing

TestPoint™ Achievement Tests are online, nationally-normed achievement tests which are scored instantly. Most educators will acknowledge the fact that our nation’s educational standards as far as student achievement in the basic skills is concerned, has dropped considerably since the early 1970s. TestPoint™ Achievement Tests place a high academic demand on students and provide an evaluation which accurately relates to the current curricula used in schools.

These achievement tests accurately measure the basic skill development of students in the time-honored subjects of reading comprehension, vocabulary, grammar and composition, spelling, and mathematics in five different levels for grades 1-12. The length of time to complete the tests varies among the five levels. Typically, it will take between two and three hours to complete a test depending upon the length of the break(s) taken by the student. Although each section of the subject category tests is timed, there are no timers between sections. Therefore, breaks are conveniently available after the completion of each subject category section and can be modified according to the protocol of the school.

Test scores are available immediately after completion to be distributed and stored electronically. The scoring reports include the raw score, grade equivalency, percentile rank, and stanine.

  • Available for grades 1-12
  • Scored instantly and stored electronically
  • Flexible to accommodate school and student schedules
  • Reliable and accurate content which relates to current curricula
  • Demos available upon request