Assessment Testing

TestPoint™ Assessment Tests allow schools, teachers, or parents to focus on the individual learner using grade-specific and subject-specific tests. These assessment tests focus on three primary content areas – language, reading, and mathematics. The tests are available for 5-year-old kindergarten through grade 12. Content was developed from a review of information from publishers, content and curriculum experts, master teachers, and current educational standards.

The assessment tests provide accurate information about where a student stands academically at any given time during the school year. The tests will provide information about which academic outcomes students are mastering or are struggling with. This tool can be used for single-subject assessment, individual student assessment, or entire class assessment. Tests are scored immediately and are instantly available for review. A scoring report will provide the number possible, raw score, scaled score, percentile, and grade equivalent for each subject assessment test.

Assessment is at the heart of education. Teachers and parents use test scores to gauge a student’s academic strengths and weaknesses. Proper testing is part of the foundation of educational assessment and represents a commitment to high academic standards and accountability. Regular testing helps measure the ability of students to recall, analyze, compare, infer, and evaluate. TestPoint™ Assessment Tests are an excellent tool to meet this growing testing need.

  • Grade-specific for grades K5-12
  • Subject-specific for language, reading, and mathematics
  • Scored instantly and stored electronically
  • Reliable and accurate content
  • Demos available upon request