Placement Testing

Schools are responsible for establishing their own academic requirements for admission. Research indicates that teachers who are provided with accurate academic information about students at the time of enrollment are better prepared to provide the best education possible for those students. Pre-admission testing can help determine what students know and where they should be placed in the school. TestPoint™ Placement Tests provide an excellent tool to help meet this need by offering pre-admission tests in language, reading, and mathematics.

Using cutting-edge technology, the TestPoint™ placement testing program is an online, web-based system designed to help schools administer and score pre-admission tests. The tests are available for grades K5-12 and are scored instantly, providing results within moments. Scoring reports include the number possible, raw score, scaled score, and grade equivalency information.

The content of the TestPoint™ placement tests is what makes the program unique. The test questions were researched and developed by professional educators and master test authors and reflect what students should know at their current grade level. The content and academic standards reflected in the tests are derived from current curriculums, achievement tests, national standards, and other assessment tools used in schools.

  • Online pre-admission tests for grades K5-12
  • Scoring reports available instantly
  • Reliable and accurate academic indicator
  • Volume discount pricing available
  • Demos available upon request